DRIVER the music video starring Blair Woods FT. Dyandra showcases the independent female artists planning and getting away with an obscene crime together. This dark comedic twist will have you bopping along to an upbeat pop song while being on the edge of your seat watching these girls hilariously pull off a getaway crime. The inspiration for the music video was the Beyonce and Lady Gaga music video "Telephone" and the movie "Mean Girls."   This was my first project as a writer, producer, and director.  
Blair Woods & Modus Flow Hit Lab: Driver FT. Dyandra
Executive Producers
Blair Woods
Dyandra Bonet Mendoza
Erica Dukes
Anthony Navarro

Erica Dukes
Dyandra Bonet Mendoza

Producer                                  Erica Dukes
Director                                    Erica Dukes 
Creative Director(s)                 Dyandra Bonet Mendoza & Erica Dukes
Assistant Director                     Kalvo Griffin
Director of Photography          Doug Stanford
1st AC                                       Dustin Foster
2nd Camera Operator            Meagan Glessar
G&E                                          Other Coast Lighting & Grip & Lensea Films
Key Swing                                 Liam Dunaway
Grip                                           Rachel Bozant
Set Designer                              Mak Daddy
Storyboard                                Maddison Wood
Hair Stylist                                  Jessica Gardner
Wardrobe                                  Blair Woods
Production Assistant                  Mark Calma
Art Production Assistant            Cheryl Bush
BTS Videography                      Anthony Navarro
BTS Photography                       Lexi Flammad
BTS Photography                       Mark Calma
Post Production    
Post  Supervisor                          Erica Dukes
Senior Editor & VFX                    Christine Deckert
Editor                                           Dustin Foster
Assistant Editor                            Rachel Bozant
Motion Designer                         Sebastian O'Dell
Colorist                                        Doug Stanford
Sound Designer                          Anthony Navarro
Music Produced by                     Modus Flow Hit Lab
Audio Engineer & Producer        Anthony Navarro

Blair Woods                                Blair Woods 
Dyandra                                      Dyandra Bonet Mendoza
Green Eyes                                 Colton Carlson
Dead Bitch                                   Jessica Gardner
Blair Woods Cat                         Waffles 
Special Thanks - In-Kind
Vivid Bridge Studios  
Jen’s Designer Boutique
Other Coast Lighting & Grip
 Robyn Houghton Massage Therapy
 Lensea Films
 Sylus Films
 FORC3 Studios
 Lexi Flammad Photography
 Monix Studio
 Lazo Photography

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